Sun's and other's ignorance towards 64bit

Datum: 27.07.2006 16:47

Why does Sun always need 10 years to solve known problems?

With JDK 1.5, after all the image library stopped needing a X11 server for initialization. A few days after celebrating this, I had to notice yet another hole: The 64bit Linux releases of Java 1.5 lacked of a PKCs11 provider (this changed with JDK 1.6 beta 2) and 1.6b2 still lacks of browser plugin support.

Unfortunately, all half-free products share this problem:
Neither Acroread nor Flash nor OpenOffice nor Opera nor RealPlayer nor Firefox/Thunderbird are available as 64bit binaries. Why???

Fortunately, some ;-)) Linux distributors do recompile those available in source, i.e. OOo and Ff/Tb, but the others ...

Not that I would'nt appreciate the basic availability of those programs, but I can't believe Sun or Adobe can't afford a 64bit compilation machine!?

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