Integrating newer or 3rd party JDKs in Debian/Ubuntu

Datum: 05.03.2008 18:59

With the introduction of update-java-alternatives Debian/Ubuntu made it difficult to use manually installed JDKs.

After several attempts to create an appropriate /usr/lib/jvm/.*.jinfo I detected the need to maintain the files in /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/ via update-alternatives --install (See this German article on that issue).

Just one deep breath away from developing some tool collection Google gave me the real answer (hint from 0815user as of November 27th, 2006):

There is a package for converting e.g. Sun's jdk*linux*.bin "packages" into Debian package, unfortunately nobody seems to know of it ...

Here is a Mini-How-To for making and installing a .deb package for Sun's JDK (as of 1.6.0_05):

 Hope this helps ...

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