konsole in KDE 4 seems useless, practically gone

Datum: 26.09.2008 01:26

What is supposed to be better here?
Just like the kernel (2.6 disappointing, 2.6.20+ catastrophic) everthing seems to keep getting worse and worse.

KDE 3.5's konsole had sessions that could be used individually and combined to profiles (sessions definitions could not be organized in a tree, but that was merely a minor comfort issue).
In KDE 4's konsole my session definitions are gone(!), and I am not sure what profiles are about any more - do they replace sessions or profiles or both?

Where is the right-click-popup for tabs!?

WHERE THE HELL is the "send input to all tabs" feature!!!???

Where is the -ls option, how should a non-login shell be useful at all!?

The konsole from KDE 3.5 still is the best (i.e. only usable) poweruser terminal application!
Only iTerm seems competitive, eventually, but it's Mac OS X only.

Unfortunatley (or perhaps fortunately ;->>) this forces me to stay with KDE 3.5 apss (under Gnome or icewm) and Ubuntu 8.04.


Update (2008-10-07):

After I all I took another look with a clear mind and using a virtual sandbox, and I think I understand it now and it does look a little less bad.

Dependend on certain developments for KDE 4.2, that might contain a usable konsole. See newer postings to keep track.

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