DST3 - Destination Star Trek London 2014 report

Datum: 13.10.2014 00:09


This is a collection of thoughts and observations from DST3, the 3rd Destination Star Trek convention, held at ExCel center in London's Docklands from 3rd - 5th October of 2014.

Overall rating


For the remainder of this blog I'll go from bad to good to great, so either stop reading now or go all the way.

SOUND problems

Schedule and TALK problems

Other experienced problems

Other improvement ideas


Major Positives

Further observations

Hidden fun: 9472

PS: Mass @tweeting replacing talking

The best fan panels at DST 1 and 2 were held by the TrekkieGirls (@TrekkieGirls), and especially at DST2 I met them repeatedly. Therefore I consider them "convention aquaintances" and was looking forward to talk to them again, resp. to get to meet more TrekkieGirls in Tress and Sarah.

Unfortunately they had only one stage appearance this time, and otherwisevwe only saw each other in passing. "Con Fever".

Fortunately the free WIFI was surprisingly reliable, and @TheOriginalTiT (Trekkie in Training) was very eager to tweet. So we did'nt really meet, but nevertheless we talked a lot, and I was even credited in one of their #DST3 articles (as @CLechleitner42).

Somewhat Geeky and Nerdy even for me, but very nice ;-)


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