BritRail trip recap - railroading around Great Britain

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Since my first trip to London (July 6 to 16 2005, tough time) I had been organizing my UK vacations around events like Queen concerts, NFL games, Destination Star Trek conventions and the like that took place in London, Birmingham, Manchester. Therefore I never saw anything north of the midlands.

This year there is no major event for me, so it was time to visit new places on this green island.

Fortunately Geoff Marshall, in a YouTube video about his and Vicki Pipei's All The Stations project , mentioned some 14 day all-network railway ticket, so I searched the web and found BritRail, kind of Britain's Interrail ticket, available in several variants but only to tourists from outside the UK.

The following numbers and remarks summarize the BritRail round trip I finished Sep. 24th 2017.
I intentionally excluded the trip from Innsbruck to London and back, except for the arrival at St. Pancras which I counted as station visit.

15 day BritRail round trip by the numbers

Rail journeys

In 15 days (Sep. 9 to 24 2017) I spent 40 hours on 37 train journey, using 54 trains from 14 different railway brands.

Stations "visited"

While I chose the trains to fit my travelling preferences (favouring fast trains off-peak) and did not write down train numbers, I did log the stations so I could let my Computers count them.
Applying ATS's project rules to the 245 stations I came along I visited 154 unique stations or 6 % of the 2563 railway stations in Great Britain.

Railway observations

The Good

The bad

Other notes and observations

By the numbers

I may be obsessed by numbers, but this is for my own documentation too ;-)

The good

The bad

Odd moments

And now for something completely different ...



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